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Call for Nominations - PRME UK+Ireland Steering Committee

Dear Members and Supporters of the PRME Chapter UK and Ireland,

Call for Nominations - Chapter Steering Committee - five positions available for a three year term

We hope you agree that our Chapter is thriving. We offer members many opportunities to participate in our seven local networks, in our three annual competitions, in our annual conference and doctoral colloquium, and in other global (e.g. i5) as well as local projects. This year we mark our Tenth Anniversary as a Chapter, we have appointed a joint intern with the UN Global Compact for the first time and we are overseeing a change of Secretariat provider. What binds all of this purposeful activity together is an elected Chapter Steering Committee. Having creative, thoughtful, collaborative and hardworking individuals on our Steering Committee – from both Ireland and the UK - is essential to understanding the needs and harnessing the energies of our wider membership. Moreover, the state of the planet means we can never be complacent. There is always more to be done, and always an opportunity for the Steering Committee to make the Chapter's impact greater.

This year we have five vacancies to fill on the Steering Committee in the lead-up to our AGM on 28 June 2023 at our annual conference at Aston University in Birmingham.

We are therefore pleased to call for nominations of individuals who would like to extend their involvement in PRME-related work by standing for a three year term on the UK and Ireland Steering Committee. Those interested can nominate themselves using this nomination form.

The five vacancies on the Steering Committee arise from existing members reaching the end of their first or second term of office. As permitted in our governance rules, the two members who have completed a first term may choose to stand for a second and final term in open competition with new nominees. The three members who have completed a second term are not permitted to do so and will step down from the Committee.

We welcome nominations from across the full spectrum of our membership. To guide those thinking of nominating themselves and to avoid future misunderstandings, please be aware of the following:

  1. As evidence of expertise and experience, nominees would normally be expected to show within their applications a track record of prior involvement in Chapter working groups, local networks or projects over at least 12 months. Where this is not possible, a significant RME-related track record at least in part beyond the home institution should be demonstrated.

  2. Steering Committee members need to be willing to make a regular time commitment over the three year term and be accountable for agreed projects if elected.

  3. Members undertake to abide by the PRME UKI Steering Committee Code of Conduct.

  4. Nominees should be employed by institutions that are paid up Communicating Signatories at PRME Global level and paid up UKI Chapter Members- if you are unsure if you are eligible, check out your School's membership status at a global level here and a UKI level here.

  5. Anyone wishing to nominate themselves is welcome to contact the Chair or another member of the Committee for an informal conversation about what is involved. A full list of current Steering Committee members can be found here.

Nomination forms should be returned to the Chair ( by 17.00 on Friday 2 June 2023.

Voting Forms along with details of all nominees will be distributed to the individuals identified as the principal PRME contact in each paid up Chapter member, at the time the AGM papers are circulated in the second week in June. Voting forms will be returned prior to the AGM and the results announced at the AGM on 28th June.

We know how resourceful and committed so many of you are – please do not hesitate to put yourself forward if the timing is right to make a contribution to PRME in this way.

Jonathan Louw

Dr Jonathan Louw (

Chair, on behalf of the PRME Chapter UK and Ireland Steering Committee

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