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Joining PRME Global

Why Join PRME?

  • PRME is the largest voluntary engagement platform for academic institutions to transform their teaching, research, and thought leadership in support of universal values of sustainability, responsibility, and ethics.

  • Institutions distinguish themselves as leaders of responsible management education, and gain recognition for their efforts to address United Nations-supported values.

  • Faculty and administrators from PRME signatories gain access to dynamic local and global learning communities that collaborate on projects and events addressing the complex challenges facing business and society in the 21st century.

  • Students that are sensitized to sustainability values are in high demand among leading international businesses and organizations.

  • Communicate to your stakeholders — faculty, peers, students, businesses, and partners — about achievements through the Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) report.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

How to Join?

  1. Academic institutions that are publicly recognised (i.e. legal/government recognition) and are degree-granting, as well as

  2. Corporate Universities whose parent organisations are Participants of the UN Global Compact, are eligible to become signatories to PRME.


Please fill out this online form to start your application. Be sure to upload a Letter of Commitment signed by your institution's highest executive (Dean, President, etc) under "Edit Profile." You can find a template for the Letter of Support here.

Next Steps

After your application is validated and your signed Letter of Commitment received, your institution is ready to set in motion changes to implement the Six Principles and transform the operations, curriculum, and research.

  • Read the New to PRME toolkit for a full overview of next steps

  • Designate a faculty member or administrator to be the PRME coordinator at your institution

  • Begin preparing for your institution's Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) report, due 24 months after your join date.

  • Engage in the PRME community! Contact your local PRME Chapter facilitator; get involved in an issue-area Working Group; check out upcoming activities and events taking place.

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