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The Principles for Responsible Management Education Writing Competition

The Chapter is very grateful to the individuals listed below who offered their time and expertise to join our Judging Panels in 2023. Their entirely voluntary service in support of the Chapter and our work to recognise student contributions to responsible business and management learning is much appreciated. Links to their professional profiles are also provided.


Postgraduate Panel

Dr Jana Filosof    

University of Hertfordshire (Chair) 

Professor Peter Stokes

Leicester Castle Business School, De Montfort University


Dr Rod Bain                                        

University of Stirling 



Undergraduate Panels

Dr Romas Malevicius                     

King’s College London (Panel 1 Chair)

Angie Lench                                      

University of the Arts London (retired) (Panel 2 Chair)

Dr Mohamed Saeudy                    

University of Bedfordshire


Dr Laura Steele    

Queen’s University Belfast


Dr Sean Tanner                                

University College Cork

Alternative Media Panel

Dr Karen Cripps        

University of Winchester (Chair)


Dr Xinwu He   

Queen’s University Belfast

Dr Jonathan Louw  

Oxford Brookes University


The UG, PG and AM panels work independently, reporting to the organisers at Oxford Brookes.

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