PRME Working Groups

PRME Working Groups deepen collaboration in and across institutions on specific issues relevant to corporate sustainability and responsibility and related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. PRME Working Groups develop and publish resources relevant to increasing awareness around responsible management education and other thematic topics for business.

The PRME Secretariat supports issue area Working Group and workstreams' efforts in the following ways:

  • Acting as an "intra network facilitator" in the creation and enlargement of a Working Group, ensuring that new institutions entering PRME are directed to the different Working Groups and ensuring a balanced international composition.

  • With access to two communication tools, under the leadership of the Working Group Chair: Webinars as a virtual meeting point through a platform provided by the PRME Secretariat, and

  • Google Groups designed by the PRME as another platform for the collective development of papers and publication by the Group.

  • Acting as an "extra network facilitator" by putting the Working Group in contact with other synergic activities, such as students' networks and corporate and academic networks working on similar areas.

  • Acting as a "Sounding Board" to disseminate to the wider network the results of your work.

  • Acting as a "Clearing House", so that overlapping projects maximise their synergy

Secretariat - Bryan Hall

Glasgow School for Business and Society,

Glasgow Caledonian University, Cowcaddens Road, Glasgow, G4 0BA.


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