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2021 Seed Funding: Developing Innovative Pedagogies and Teaching Practices 

We are delighted to announce the launch of our second PRME Competition for Developing Innovative Pedagogic Approaches and Teaching Practices.


The competition is open to all faculty in PRME Signatory Schools in the UK and Ireland where the Schools are paid-up members of the UK and Ireland PRME Chapter.


This initiative was developed to encourage innovation, experimentation and impact in PRME related teaching. It also recognises the fact that financial barriers frequently exist that prevent individuals and groups from putting their ideas into practice. In a bid to help address this, four awards up to the value of £1000 each are available.


Further information, including a poster, application form and accompanying guidance notes can be downloaded below.


The closing date for applications is Thursday 12th August 2021 at 5pm. Submissions should be emailed to


If you have any questions about the competition, please do not hesitate to contact Laura Steele (


We look forward to your proposals!


Laura Steele, Claire May, Matthew Davis (the organising team )




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