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Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) Resources

A central commitment of any institution participating in PRME is to regularly share information with its stakeholders on the progress made in implementing the Seven Principles through a Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) report.


The UK and Ireland Chapter is committed to supporting members in developing their respective SIP reports.


The Chapter offers regular webinars (normally two a year) to aid members in SIP preparation. Information on these will be shared via our mailing list and under the ‘Events’ section of the website.


In addition, you will find some helpful resources below: 


  • The presentation slides from the March 2024 Chapter webinar on ‘Preparing for SIP 2.0’. (Please note, these have been updated to include additional guidance provided by the PRME Secretariat in April 2024).

  • A SIP 2.0 spreadsheet that you may find useful for tracking your progress, recording the data you need to collect, collaborating with colleagues, etc.

  • Word templates in relation to the Objects and Narratives you are asked to provide. These are kindly shared by Victoria Roberts, Accreditation Manager, School of Business and Management, Queen Mary University of London. (You can write narratives directly in the PRME Commons, but some people find it useful to draft them offline first).


If you have any questions in relation to SIP reporting or resources you would like to share with the PRME community, please contact Laura Steele (, Vice Chair and Co-Lead for Organisational Learning and SIP Reporting within the UK and Ireland Chapter.

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