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Winners: 2022 Seed Funding Competition for Developing Innovative Pedagogies & Teaching Practice

The UK and Ireland Chapter of PRME is delighted to confirm the winners of our third Seed Funding Competition for Developing Innovative Pedagogic Approaches and Teaching Practices in PRME.

The Innovative Pedagogy Competition was developed to encourage innovation, experimentation, and impact in PRME related teaching. It also recognises the fact that financial barriers frequently exist that prevent individuals and groups from putting their ideas into practice.

As the PRME UK and Ireland Chapter is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2023, the competition featured an enhanced funding pot of £8,000. In addition to an open call, specific funding was available to support the development of the ‘PRME i5’ project, an innovative global initiative by PRME in collaboration with the LEGO Foundation.

We received a large number of high-quality submissions addressing a wide range of relevant issues. The following projects were awarded funding and we look forward to sharing their outputs with the PRME community in due course:

Open Category

· Dr Karen Cripps (Oxford Brookes Business School), Cathy d’Abreau (Oxford Brookes Business School), & Dr Milena Bobeva (Bournemouth University Business School), ‘Career Building for the Sustainable Development Goals: A Co-Created Masterclass’.

· Dr Ann-Christine Frandsen & Dr Anupam Mehta (Birmingham Business School), ‘Transforming Sustainability Pedagogy using Cartoon-Based Real-Life Case Studies: A Framework’.

· Dr Xinwu He (Queen’s Management School), ‘Understanding Sustainable Diet and Accounting for the SDGs’.

· Dr Pamela Yeow (Birkbeck, University of London), Dr Krish Saha (Birmingham City University), Dr Neil Pyper (Birkbeck, University of London), Professor Maharaj Vijay Reddy (Birmingham City University), & Christopher Cornell (Kent Country Council Coastal Waters Working Group & Southern Water Pathfinder Steering Group), ‘Marine Dumping on UK Coastlines: Raising Sustainability Awareness through a Stakeholder-Orientated Experiential Learning Approach’.

PRME i5 Category

· Dr Lucy Gill-Simmen (Royal Holloway University), Professor Sukanya Sen Gupta (Royal Holloway University), & Birungi Kawooya (Visiting Artist), ‘Self-Portraiture–Empowering Students to Make a Difference’.

· Dr Sean Tanner, Dr Conor Drummond, Dr Helen McGrath, Dr Michael Murphy, Dr Dave Alton, & Dr Tadgh Nagle (Cork University Business School), ‘Teach, Play, Learn, Repeat’.

PRME UK and Ireland Chapter Chair, Dr Jonathan Louw, said of the competition:

The diversity and quality of this year's entries and winners has been inspirational. Being able to support innovation and experimentation in and outside the classroom in this way is how the Chapter achieves real value for the wider membership from their annual financial contributions. Well done to the winners for helping to get our 10th Anniversary Year off to such a positive start”.

Professor Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas EdD, Vice Chair of the PRME UK and Ireland Chapter and i5 Lead added:

I’m delighted to see how colleagues across the sector are bringing energy and creativity to their teaching as evidenced by the range and depth of entries to our Innovative Pedagogy competition. It has been especially exciting to be able to extend the i5 pedagogy project and the quality of entries has been exceptional. Many congratulations to the winners – I look forward to mentoring these exciting initiatives. Many thanks to my colleagues on the i5 Expert Pedagogy Group who joined us on the judging panel”.

We wish to extend our gratitude to the judging panel, namely: Dr Caroline Chapain (Birmingham Business School); Professor Tim Breitbarth (CBS International Business School); Professor Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas (GCU London); Marina Schmitz (IEDC Bled School of Management); Dr Emma Surman (Birmingham Business School); and Dr Lauren Traczykowski (Aston Business School).

The competition was organised by Dr Claire May (Lincoln International Business School) and Dr Laura Steele (Queen’s Management School) on behalf of the PRME UK and Ireland Chapter Steering Committee.

About the PRME Chapter UK and Ireland

The PRME Chapter UK and Ireland is one of 16 Regional Chapters of the global United Nations PRME movement (established 2007). All Chapters are joined in a collective mission to transform management education and develop the responsible decision-makers of tomorrow to advance sustainable development. Globally, PRME has over 900 Higher Education Institutions as signatories.

Established in 2013, the UKI Chapter currently has 62 institutional members and is led by a ten person Steering Committee elected by the membership. The Chapter seeks to nurture a mutually supportive community of committed responsible management educators and researchers. Members benefit from a Chapter-wide event programme, an annual conference and doctoral colloquium, a growing set of Local Networks each with its own event schedule, and three annual, Chapter wide competitions focused on Innovative Pedagogies, Responsible Management Research and Student Writing. Full details of Chapter activities can be found on the Chapter Website.

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For any queries in relation to the UK and Ireland Chapter Seed Funding Competition for Developing Innovative Pedagogic Approaches and Teaching Practices in PRME, please contact Laura Steele at Queen’s Management School (

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