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PRME UKI Chapter: News Update – 24 February 2022

News Update – 24 February 2022

Deadlines, dates for your diaries and details of new PRME initiatives: a news roundup from the PRME Chapter UK and Ireland

Responsible Business and Management Writing Competition – deadline Monday 28 February

We recognise this deadline falls just after and during the UCU industrial action in which PRME schools may have been involved. If you need an extension to this deadline to ensure your students’ work is considered, please email the organisers on

Research Seed Funding Competition – deadline Monday 28 February

If the preparation of your bid has been or will be affected by the UCU industrial action, please contact to agree an extended deadline.

Research Development Workshop Series – deadline 1 March

As above, if your ability to submit a proposal by the deadline has been affected by the UCU action please contact the organisers via to discuss an extension.

Conference and Doctoral Colloquium – 27-29 June – University of Hull

Late last week we issued our calls for papers for these two high-profile events in our annual Chapter calendar. If you missed them, they can be found here.

PRME Global Chapter Forum - online - scheduled for 5 October - hold the date !

This is the annual opportunity for members active in the now 17 regional chapters around the world to meet and debate matters of common interest. This is in addition to the more outward-facing PRME Global Forum due to take place in June in New York – for which final dates are yet to be announced.

PRME Middle East and North Africa (MENA) – conference 22-24 March

If you are interested in the global development of PRME, you may be interested in the newly reconstituted PRME MENA’s upcoming conference from 22-24 March 2022. Some parts will be online and will welcome visitors. You can find out more information here.

PRME Chapter Africa - launch event on 15 March

The launch of this new Chapter will be marked with a half-day online event on 15 March 2022. Visitors welcome. More information available here.

9th Responsible Management Education Research Conference 27-29 September 2022

This takes place in Innsbruck (Austria) and is often well attended by UKI colleagues. More information can be found here

New(ish) PRME publication

Remember that this useful review of the PRME movement can be downloaded for free:

Responsible Management Education: The PRME Global Movement, edited by Mette Morsing, Routledge, £120; open access download at

That’s all for now. We hope you are able to participate – one way or another – in many of the events and competitions listed above.

PRME Chapter UK and Ireland Steering Committee

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