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PRME UK and Ireland Conference and Doctoral Colloquium - June 2022 - call for proposals


PRME Chapter UK and Ireland – Call for Proposals

Doctoral Colloquium – 27 June 2022

Annual Conference - 28+29 June 2022

(University of Hull, with elements available online)

Dear Colleagues in PRME,

We are delighted to bring you the Calls for Proposals for

Please spread this announcement far and wide.

Doctoral Colloquium

We look forward to welcoming doctoral students to an extended half day in which we provide peer and experienced scholar review to students at different stages of their doctoral journeys. Students should be working in areas related to responsible business and management and/or the Sustainable Development Goals.

Please pass this call to students and supervisors on your doctoral programmes.

Deadline for abstracts: 9 May 2022, with confirmation of acceptance by 3 June 2022

Annual Conference : “The UN’s Decade of Action: driving it, slowing it or playing catch up?

We now have less than a decade to go to deliver the 2030 promise of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the UN is calling for the acceleration of action. Business Schools should, arguably, be ahead of the curve and preparing programmes and graduates that are equipped to drive, shape or at least navigate the times of transformation ahead of us. However, it can legitimately be asked if traditional Business School programmes and practices are still more focused on preparing graduates for the world “as it was”, rather than the future in which their careers will develop and grow. Hence the questions implied in the title of this year’s Annual Conference of the PRME Regional Chapter UK and Ireland: what is the role of responsible management education in periods of profound and accelerated transformation like the one emerging? Are our choices and practices future-oriented, or legacy-driven? Should our role be about actively engaging with the shaping of an uncertain future, or is our main responsibility to maintain a safe and ‘critical distance’ from such matters?

Our more detailed Call for Proposals expands on these questions and outlines the three proposed conference strands: (1) Transforming Programmes for Action (2) Students as agents of transformation (3) Business and Systems’ Transformation.

Deadline for proposals: 8 April 2022, with confirmation of acceptance by 9 May 2022

Our colloquia and conferences are justifiably well-known for their friendly, open, supportive environments that nurture our community of responsible management scholars. So we very much look forward to your participation in these events. Delegate costs will be kept to a minimum, with all student delegates attending free of charge, to help enable maximum participation.

Please also check out our separate conference and colloquium websites.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in June.

Fernando, Rachel and Jonathan

Dr Fernando Correia Conference Organiser, University of Hull

Dr Rachel Welton Doctoral Colloquium Organiser

Dr Jonathan Louw Chair, PRME Chapter UK + Ireland

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