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PRME Launches - Blueprint for SDG Integration at PRME Global Forum

To support business schools in their efforts to integrate the SDGs in to the curriculum, research and partnerships, PRME launched the Blueprint for SDG Integration in to the curriculum, research and partnerships at the 2020 Virtual PRME Global Forum on June 17-18th. The Blueprint (found here) is a practical guide to help business school Deans and academic leaders to make this task manageable. It provides a step-by-step guide, and a number of models to consider a range of approaches to ensure the SDGs shine brightly in teaching, research and partnerships. In addition to this the Blueprint has hyperlinks to a myriad of SDG resources and a number of examples that illustrate how selected PRME Champion schools are going about the task. All UK & Ireland Chapter representatives are encouraged to download and share the document as widely as possible within their Institutions. If anyone would like to discuss the Blueprint or discuss how they might use it, please contact lead author of the Blueprint, Chapter Chair Alec Wersun.

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