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News Update 26.7.23 - Chapter Interim Secretariat Arrangements

Dear Members and Supporters of the PRME Chapter UK and Ireland,

You will know from previous news updates that the arrangement with Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) to host our Chapter Secretariat comes to an end this month. We would like to put on record our thanks to all those at GCU who have helped to provide a flexible and responsive service since early 2020. In particular, of course, we are deeply grateful to Bryan Hall, the GCU Administrator who took on the PRME brief from the outset and has been an invaluable friend and support to the Chapter ever since. We shall miss him greatly.

We are making solid progress in appointing a new Secretariat host but we are not yet in a position to make a firm announcement in this regard.

Please note that our Secretariat function at GCU will cease on 27 July 2023. Over the summer, please send any Chapter enquiries to both of the following:

Katie Lee – PRME Intern - on

Jonathan Louw – Chapter Chair - on

Between us, we shall ensure a response. However, given annual leave there may be a slight delay in doing so.

We shall make an announcement about our new Secretariat hosts as soon as we are able to. We shall also circulate a farewell card to Bryan Hall in September, once everyone is back, as we know that many people have appreciated his work for the Chapter and will want to wish him well.


Jonathan Louw

Chapter Chair

Items for future news updates

Local Network Co-ordinators and other event organisers, when you run a PRME event do send us details in advance and a short report afterwards (with links to any relevant resources) for wider publicity through these newsletters. Send details to Katie on

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