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Final Call - Chapter Webinar on Preparing for SIP 2.0 Friday 1 December at 10am, online

We are delighted to see more than 40 of you already signed up for our Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) 2.0 webinar on Friday. This is a final call in case anyone missed our previous announcements and would still like to join. Many of you will have attended the PRME Global SIP 2.0 report launch webinar in early November. From 2024, signatories will be required to complete and submit the new PRME SIP questionnaire via the PRME Commons Platform. Reporting will take place during a universal submission period, which will run from March to June each year.

Our Chapter Lead on Organisational Learning and SIP Reporting, Laura Steele, will be facilitating our follow-up webinar on Friday 1 December 2023 from 10am to 11.30am. This will include an overview of the questions in the new SIP 2.0, specific consideration of the UK and Ireland context and how it may influence reporting, and a Q&A with SIP 2.0 'Early Adopters'. To book, please click here. We are aware from a recent update from PRME Global that the very final version of the new SIP 2.0 format, to be based on the updated set of Principles, is still not available. However, we are assured that there are no substantive changes in the pipeline and that the questions available here are still to be expected albeit in perhaps a different sequence. SIP 2.0 provides a real opportunity for enhanced learning across the PRME network, and we are impressed to see high levels of engagement with the new requirements by Ireland and UK Chapter members. Thanks to all those signed up, and please join us this Friday if you are not yet registered and would like to do so. Warm regards, Jonathan Louw Chapter Chair

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