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PRME Virtual SIP Writing Retreat on Tuesday, 15 March, 2022

Title: PRME SIP Writing Retreat

Date: Tuesday 15 March 2022

Time: 10am-12pm GMT / 11am-1pm CET / 12pm-2pm EET

Writing a PRME SIP report - whether it is for the first or the fifth time - can be a daunting task. It is not, however, one you must undertake alone. Representatives from Copenhagen Business School, Queen’s Management School, and the Glasgow School for Business and Society invite you to join us on Tuesday 15 March 2022 via Zoom for a virtual PRME SIP writing retreat. A information flyer can be found HERE

This informal, collaborative event will provide an opportunity to advance your next SIP, as well as raise questions and concerns with experienced SIP writers. It will feature an interactive presentation and Q&A session with Caroline Aggestam Pontoppidan, Associate Professor and Academic Director of PRME, and Martiina Srkoc, Head of Section UNGC PRME Secretariat, at Copenhagen Business School.

In addition, there will be an overview of reporting requirements with Alec Wersun, Senior Lecturer and School Lead for the Common Good, Glasgow School for Business and Society. The event will conclude with a ‘PRME SIP Report Clinic’ led by Laura Steele, Director of Ethics, Responsibility, and Sustainability at Queen’s Management School.

For more information and to register, please click here.

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