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North West Network’s Sustainable Foods Event

Our 7 local networks have been commemorating 10 years of the UKI PRME in 2023 by running showcase events and student competitions on the theme of Food. Join us here on the UKI 10th Anniversary Blog with coverage from our network coordinators on their local celebrations.

Crickets, mint, juices and a vertical wall of lettuces were on the menu at the sustainable foods event hosted by the North-West Local Network, in celebration of the 10-year anniversary of PRME UK & Ireland. Sponsored by Liverpool Business School (Liverpool John Moores University), the event brought together small sustainable food businesses, academic staff and the 2030hub at Cotton Exchange to share their produce and expertise with others.

Credit: Annabelle Davis, LJMU Journalism student Credit:MerseyNewsLive

Population growth and the need for alternative future food sources was on the mind of Wendy Johnston, an academic from Sport and Exercises Sciences. Wendy explained that we need to change our ways of thinking today and introduced us to a tasty snack of sriracha crickets, which have high protein levels- 60g in 100g of crickets. The MerseyNewsLive reporters, studying Journalism at LJMU and reporting on the event, tried the crickets and admitted themselves “perhaps surprisingly, [we] judged them to be delicious” and further reported that “several bottomless bee juices and packets of crickets later, we made our way downstairs to the lettuce wall.”

Farm Urban's mission is to take a holistic, joined-up approach, embedding healthier, more nutritious and sustainable systems into the fabric of society. Their vertical living wall of lettuce in the Cotton Exchange had several types of lettuce growing, which we sampled. This living wall helps reduce food waste, as you only need to take the leaves you want for your salad. The lettuce continues to grow as it benefits from a hydroponics system.

Hydroponics is one of the systems that Si Poole of Mintopia has experimented with. Mintopia is a plastic-free, organic cottage industry that collects and specialises in Mentha (Mint). With 187 types of mint and having National Plant Collection status, Si treated us to a tea tasting session with pots of tea ranging from pineapple mint to mojito mint. So knowledgeable and enthusiastic about mint, it is of no surprise that Si featured in Episode 29 of Gardener’s World 2022.

The Liverpool-based Bee-Hive Juice Bar focuses on providing healthy juices to the community. Sam and Joel shared samples of their juices including ‘Flu Fighter’ (oranges, carrots, ginger and turmeric); ‘Flush’ that cleanses the liver (celery, lemon and ginger); Minty Apple (apple, mint, and ginger) and Charcoal Lemonade (lemon, maple syrup and activated charcoal).

The North West Event was a fabulous half-day of food and drink tasting with small businesses, academics and students, thank you to all who attended. The MerseyNewsLive Tiktok account has also provided coverage of the event if you would like to find out more.

Stay tuned for more content on the UKI PRME 10th Anniversary Blog as we delve deeper into the themes of reflection, refreshing, and re-envisioning as we celebrate 10 years of the UKI PRME Chapter.

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Written by Dr Ann Hindley (Senior Lecturer Ethical Business and Responsible Management and PRME Co-Lead, Liverpool Business School) and edited by Katie Lee (UKI PRME Intern)

The PRME Chapter UK and Ireland is one of 16 Regional Chapters of the global United Nations PRME movement (established 2007). All Chapters are joined in a collective mission to transform management education and develop the responsible decision-makers of tomorrow to advance sustainable development. Globally, PRME has over 800 Higher Education Institutions as signatories.

Established in 2013, the UKI Chapter currently has 62 institutional members and is led by a ten person Steering Committee elected by the membership. The Chapter seeks to nurture a mutually supportive community of committed responsible management educators and researchers. Members benefit from a Chapter-wide event programme, an annual conference and doctoral colloquium, a growing set of Local Networks each with its own event schedule, and three annual, Chapter wide competitions focused on Innovative Pedagogies, Responsible Management Research and Student Writing. Full details of Chapter activities can be found here.

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