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Call for Nominations - PRME UK and Ireland Steering Committee

Dear PRME Chapter UK and Ireland Members,

This year the Chapter's Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held online on Wednesday 8 July at 10.30am. As we are not able to hold a full conference this year, the AGM will instead form part of a wider "Responsible Management Education in the Covid 19 era" webinar; details of this event and how to register for it will be announced shortly.

Prior to the AGM we are calling for nominations of individuals who would like to extend their involvement in PRME-related work by standing for a three year term on the UK and Ireland Steering Committee. Those interested can nominate themselves using the nomination form found here. There will be up to five vacancies on the Steering Committee arising from existing members reaching the end of their current terms of office. (As permitted in our governance rules, these members may choose to stand for a second term in open competition with new nominees.)

Nominees should be employed by fee-paying members of the Chapter. Anyone wishing to nominate themselves is welcome to contact any current Steering Committee member (see list below) for an informal conversation about what is involved.

Nomination forms should be returned to Bryan Hall ( at the PRME Secretariat by the end of Wednesday 10th June.

Please make sure this opportunity is publicised within your institution.

Voting Forms along with details of all nominees will be distributed to the individuals identified as the principal PRME contact in each Chapter member, at the time the AGM papers are circulated on 17th June. Voting forms should be returned by 1 July 2020.

If elected, Steering Committee members will be required to adhere to the Committee Code of Conduct which can found here

Thank you, as always, for all your support of the Chapter's work.

Yours sincerely

Dr Jonathan Louw

Secretary, PRME Chapter UK and Ireland


Full Committee Members (not including co-opted members)

  • Dr Nishat Azmat, University of Birmingham, Term continues to 7/22

  • Dr Chris Doran, University of Salford, Term continues to 7/22

  • Dr Fatima Annan-Diab, Kingston University, Term continues to 7/22

  • Dr Anica Zeyen, Royal Holloway, University of London, Term continues to 7/22

  • Dr Alec Wersun (Chair), Glasgow Caledonian University, Term as Chair continues to 12/20

  • Dr Alex Hope, University of Northumbria, 3 year term ends 7/20 and eligible to stand again

  • Professor Carole Parkes, University of Winchester, 3 year term ends 7/20 and eligible to stand again

  • Dr Christine Gilligan, Sheffield Hallam University, 3 year term ends 7/20 and eligible to stand again

  • Dr Sheila Killian, University of Limerick. 3 year term ends 7/20 and eligible to stand again

  • Dr Jonathan Louw, Oxford Brookes University, 3 year term ends 7/20 and eligible to stand again

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