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Announcement of PRME Chapter UK and Ireland AGM 2021

Dear Friends of the PRME Chapter UK and Ireland,

We are pleased to confirm that this year's Chapter Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held at 9.30am on Wednesday 7 July during the Chapter annual conference being hosted online by the University of Lincoln. During the AGM we shall present an overview of our 2020 activities and invite member feedback on our current projects and plans.

A report on the Chapter's finances will also be presented by the Treasurer, Nishat Azmat.

As no members of the Steering Committee reach the end of their term this summer, there are no vacancies and thus elections to elect replacements are not needed this year.

Full documentation including Agenda, Accounts and Annual Report has been sent to all key contacts in the Chapter's member institutions. This information will also be provided in due course to all delegates to the wider 2021 conference.

If any Chapter member has not received the AGM invitation and paperwork, please contact Bryan Hall in our Secretariat on

If you have not yet registered for what promises to be a varied and stimulating conference and wish to attend, full details can be found here:

Members of the Steering Committee look forward to seeing you at the conference and/or AGM.

Yours sincerely

Jonathan Louw Dr Jonathan Louw Chair, PRME Chapter UK and Ireland

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