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The PRME UKI Chapter is pleased to sponsor the prize for this competiton, run by Denise Baden at Southampton Business School. Volunteer judges are now sought for entries due in February 2020. This will involve up to 30 minutes of gameplay for each entry and judging it against the criteria of the competition which is to present positive visions of what a sustainable society might look like or in some way smuggle in green solutions in the backdrop of a story with mainstream appeal. Even if you can only judge a few, it is helpful to have a range of judges. We expect most entries to come in in the week leading up to the deadline of 3rd February and so will need judges from 27th January to 17th February. If interested please contact Denise Baden on Full details of all Green Story competition categories ( screenplay, short film , flash fiction, tv series, novel ) are available here:

For further details please click on this link

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