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PRME Regional Chapter UK and Ireland, 6th Annual Conference Leeds University Business School, Univer

Conference theme: 'Making Global Goals Local'


Please check the conference website for the latest programme news, information and registration details.

The 6th Annual Conference of the UK and Ireland PRME Regional Chapter will be hosted by Leeds University Business School. This year’s conference theme directly engages with PRME's vision “to realise the Sustainable Development Goals through responsible management education”, and echoes the UN Global Compact’s call for “Making Global Goals Local Business”.

We challenge delegates to consider how we can all contribute to realising the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through our education, research, campus and community activities – making global goals local.

Higher Education Institutions are uniquely placed to address the SDGs, with an opportunity not only to develop the knowledge and research necessary to tackle the problems (e.g., SDG 1: no poverty), but also to inspire and educate our students to tackle these issues in their future careers (SDG 4: quality education), and; to play an active role within our communities to reduce the environmental impact of our campuses or services (e.g., SDG 12: responsible consumption and production) and to partner with the community to work towards the goals locally (e.g., SDG 11: sustainable cities and communities).

The conference aims to showcase teaching innovations and educational approaches used to engage students in the SDGs and to promote responsible management education more broadly. Research informs teaching, business practice and policy. We also welcome submissions sharing current research and outcomes relating to SDGs.

We encourage submissions that broaden understanding of how universities may engage staff, students and the community in these issues. For example: partnerships with community groups and social enterprises; discussion of practical steps to reduce universities’ environmental impact; the use of campus spaces or volunteering activities to aid student engagement; reflections on mapping programmes or institutional actions against SDGs. Students and Early Career Researchers are key to building the knowledge and capacity to tackle the SDGs. We invite student groups to share their experience of running events and activities to engage students in tackling a specific SDG or raising knowledge and awareness of the issues. The conference is an ideal opportunity to gain experience presenting research to an academic audience, receive feedback on ideas and to network in a supportive environment. A number of subsidised places for students are available.

Keynote speakers will include leading figures from industry and civil society, reflecting on the challenges and opportunities localising the SDGs pose. Panels and workshops will feature social enterprises, businesses and sustainability specialists. Pre-conference informal cultural excursions, networking sessions and conference dinner will provide opportunities to connect and share ideas. Please check the conference webpages for the latest programme news and information.

We invite proposals for either short presentations of papers, or interactive workshops. Priority will be given to:

inter/multidisciplinary proposals; practical ideas or tools for integrating SDGs in to teaching. We aim to develop a Special Issue based on submissions.

Proposals will be considered on any aspect of responsible management, sustainable development and related topics across three themes:

Theme 1: Education activities addressing responsible management or promoting SDGs;

Theme 2: Campus or community based activities and partnerships towards SDGs.

Theme 3: Research relating to specific SDGs.


Provide a summary of your presentation (500 words maximum); outline the practical approach, research, theory or pedagogy that underpins your presentation (150 word maximum), and; describe how your presentation addresses the overall conference theme of 'Making Global Goals Local’ (150 word maximum).

Paper submissions will also be asked to: outline any “take-away” (knowledge, understanding, practice, resources etc.) that your presentation will provide for delegates (150 words maximum).

Workshop submission will also be asked to: describe how your workshop will be interactive and engage the audience (250 word maximum), and; outline any “take-away” (knowledge, understanding, practice, resources etc.) that your interactive workshop will provide for delegates (250 words maximum).

For questions, please contact the conference host on:

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