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The University of Sussex Business School hosted a very well received UKI Chapter South East Local Network discussion on how impact investing can stimulate innovative technologies that address climate change in November 2019. The panel discussion was timely ahead of the UN COP25 conference in Madrid and within 24 hours of the EU parliament declaring a global climate emergency. The panel (see photo) consisted of Neha Coulon, Head of EMEA Capital Strategies in the Sustainable Finance division at J.P. Morgan, Dr Matthew McCarten, Spatial finance lead at the University of Oxford, Simon Greenman, Global AI Council Member, World Economic Forum, Prof Jeremy Hall, Director of the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU), Jessica van Thiel, Founding & Managing Partner of Pathfinder, a social enterprise for sustainable development solutions and Alex Martial, a Sussex third-year undergraduate student in Marketing. Attendees came from the private and public sector and a range of academic institutions. The panel discussion was moderated by Isabel Fischer, PRME lead at the University of Sussex, who commented “It was fantastic to see so many people engage across this vital interdisciplinarity and to discuss the impact actions around ‘green financing’ and ‘financing green’ can have on supporting the SDGs and on tackling inequalities.” For more information please contact Isabel, who is moving to Warwick in the New Year, on

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